Essential Tips for Upgrading Trailer Suspension Parts

A good trailer suspension system is essential because if it has any weakness, a driver may experience some difficulty in controlling and steering the vehicle, as well as an increase in shock and tire wear. The trailer suspension parts that make up the system include torsion bars, springs, as well as other components that connect the wheels to the vehicle. Here are essential tips to consider when upgrading your trailers suspension system.

Differential Issues? Could It Be Your CV?

If you suspect that you have issues with your differential on your vehicle you will likely be trying to isolate the issue. If you have specific popping, grinding or clicking noises whenever you are turning, then this may well be due to a failing CV. What is this and what should you do about it? What's a CV? "CV" stands for constant velocity and is generally the name given to the axles that transfer power from the engine to the driven wheels.

Radiator Specialists | 3 Car Problems Arising From A Broken Down Car Radiator

Your radiator is an important component within the system because it dispels heat built up in the car's cooling system. When coolant flows through the radiator, scale and debris begin to get caught up on the walls. This will drastically reduce the cooling capability of the radiator and it will break down in time. But a broken down radiator isn't the only problem. It will lead to other car problems requiring immediate intervention from radiator specialists.

Car Trouble? 4 Symptoms Of Failed Ignition Coils In Your Engine

Ignition coils play a vital role in your engine because they transfer power from the generator to the spark plugs. When your ignition coil starts to fail, your check engine light turns on. But your check engine light turns on for different problems within your engine, so it can be difficult to establish whether there is a problem with your ignition coils. A professional car service or motor mechanic will typically inspect the issue, but you can also identify some telltale symptoms of failed ignition coils in your engine.

3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Particulate Filter

The transmission system is the life of a diesel-engine vehicle. Repairs to the transmission system are inevitable and they're sometimes expensive. One way for vehicle owners to bring down the cost of transmission repairs is to shop around for spare parts before checking in at the auto service and repairs shop. Here are three factors that vehicle owners should consider when shopping for particulate filters the DIY way. The Type Of Diesel Used By The Vehicle