Car Trouble? 4 Symptoms Of Failed Ignition Coils In Your Engine

Ignition coils play a vital role in your engine because they transfer power from the generator to the spark plugs. When your ignition coil starts to fail, your check engine light turns on. But your check engine light turns on for different problems within your engine, so it can be difficult to establish whether there is a problem with your ignition coils. A professional car service or motor mechanic will typically inspect the issue, but you can also identify some telltale symptoms of failed ignition coils in your engine.

Your Engine Misfires Frequently

When the ignition coils fail, your engine begins to misfire frequently. When the engine misfires, you may experience a rough ride with plenty of coughing and spluttering. The engine may also shake and vibrate when it is idle, which you may feel in the steering wheel. A frequently misfiring engine has a high level of hydrocarbons, which may emit excessive pollution from your car. Make sure you take your vehicle to a car servicing professional quickly to prevent bigger problems in the future.

Your Car Refuses To Start

When you car refuses to start, it could be because the ignition coils have failed in your engine. These ignition coils are meant to convert low voltage into higher voltage to get your car to start. When the spark plugs don't receive the correct level of charge through the ignition coils, your car doesn't start. If your car doesn't start in the morning, it is usually because ignition coils are failing. A qualified mechanic will need to inspect and address the problem.

Your Car's Fuel Efficiency Is Low

Low fuel efficiency could be because of multiple reasons, but failed ignition coils is one of the biggest. If the ignition coils fail to produce enough power to kickstart your spark plugs, the engine will consume more fuel to power your car. Damaged ignition coils may also direct more fuel into the vehicle's exhaust system, which can cause wastage. A professional car service will need to establish the reason for low fuel efficiency, but most often, it is because of ignition coil failure.

Your Car Backfires Repeatedly

Repeated backfiring is regarded as an early symptom of ignition coil failure. It normally transpires when excess fuel is emitted through the exhaust because ignition coils fail to fire up the spark plugs. Backfiring is accompanied by large amounts of black smoke and fuel odour because of unused fuel. A car service will need to address this problem quickly to avoid costly exhaust repairs later.

A professional car service is best equipped to handle ignition coil failure. Be sure to visit your mechanic immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.