Top Reasons to Seek Panel Beating Services After a Side Panel Collision

The side panels of a car are exposed to knocks and collisions when on a highway and when parked. Unfortunately, most car owners do not bother when a crash leads to a ding or a minor dent. While such blemishes might appear innocuous, you do not want to take chances with a faulty vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to take your car to a panel beater no matter how minor the damage appears. This article highlights the benefits of seeking panel beating services for side panel accidents.

Restore a Frame's Structural Integrity

The sides of a car play an integral role in structural integrity because both sides house a frame's most extensive section. Therefore, when a car's sides get knocked, the chances are high that the frame might be affected. You might not see visible signs of a damaged frame, but it does not mean you are safe. A panel beater establishes the extent of side panel damage and determines if a car's frame is compromised. For example, if part of a metal frame is bent, a panel beater will straighten it accordingly. Your vehicle will not leave a garage until a panel beater is sure that the side panel frame is strong and stable.

Restore Undercarriage Stability

A car undercarriage houses parts such as the axle, wheels, exhaust and suspensions. The structure protects critical components from impact forces caused by collisions. It is easy to doubt that an undercarriage can be damaged during a side panel accident. However, the truth is that undercarriage damage is pretty common during side collisions. Thus, you need the expertise of a panel beater to inspect the main undercarriage frame and other individual components. Damaged parts can be repaired or replaced with ease, but restoring the stability of a car undercarriage is the most crucial task for a panel beater. Notably, driving with an unstable undercarriage is a recipe for fatal accidents.

Restore Paint Condition

As mentioned earlier, side panels are the largest parts of most vehicles, making them the most conspicuous. Therefore, engaging the services of a panel beater after an accident is a no-brainer, especially if the paintwork is affected. Notably, car paint scratches expose the metal below to moisture, accelerating corrosion. Therefore, waiting longer than necessary allows corrosion to attack a car, and you only realise the problem when it is already too late. A panel beater can easily assess the extent of paint damage on side panels and repaint accordingly to prevent corrosion.