3 Critical Questions to Ask a Panel Beater

Owning a car comes with certain benefits, chief among them being convenience and flexibility. However, every car owner understands that dents and scratches are common occurrences, and you can count yourself lucky if you do not experience any. When you smash your car, the first instinct is to look for the best panel beater around. However, you need to establish a few aspects to get value for money and quality services. This article explores critical questions to ask a panel beater.

Are Your Parts Genuine? 

When you are involved in a car accident, the chances are high that some of its parts will be damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, some people look for cheap panel beaters to save money, but it is counterproductive and dangerous. The reason is that cheap panel beaters are more likely to replace damaged original parts with non-genuine components. For instance, imagine the frame of your car being replaced with a weak metal structure. The frame will offer minimal protection if you are involved in another accident. Therefore, when looking for a panel beater, ask a service provider whether they use genuine car parts. Although it may cost you more, you can rest assured that your car will serve you longer.

Do You Handle Insurance Paperwork? 

Every car owner understands the importance of insurance cover. The last thing you want is to pay for smash repairs out of pocket because it is expensive. An insurance policy comes in handy since it takes the burden from your bank account in case of an accident. However, dealing with insurance companies can be quite frustrating, especially for a busy person. The back and forth, the stacks of documentation and the follow-up is time-consuming and tiring. Some panel beaters have excellent working relationships with insurance companies. Therefore, they can be of great help to you since they will liaise with an insurance company and submit every document required. Not only does it speed up repairs, but it also lowers the overall costs involved.

Do You Offer Accident Replacement Vehicles? 

Even if your panel beater promises that your car will be ready in one week, it is still a long time if you heavily rely on your vehicle for movement. While you can carpool with friends or use public transport, the options are not convenient, particularly if you have an irregular schedule. Therefore, ask a panel beater if they offer an accident replacement vehicle for the duration that your car will be in their garage. A replacement vehicle ensures that your daily routine is not disrupted. For instance, some panel beating garages offer accident replacement vehicles for up to a week.