Top 3 Easy Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Car

Buying your dream car is exciting. Besides making your travels more manageable, you get to save time and accomplish more every other day. However, most people usually focus on purchasing the best vehicle the market can offer as per their budget and forget to create time to learn how to perform simple car servicing tasks. If you do not prioritise car maintenance, your car will be vulnerable to dangerous and costly malfunctions. So, how can you familiarise yourself with car servicing? This post will outline simple things you can do to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently for longer.

Spark plugs

Your vehicle's spark plugs usually play a significant role when it comes to boosting engine efficiency. Nonetheless, these plugs are susceptible to build up over time, which ultimately impacts their performance. It's your responsibility to know when to replace the spark plugs. Replacement is done when you notice that your car is struggling to accelerate, using up more fuel or not starting normally. The market offers two primary forms of spark plugs, including iridium and copper plugs. The former is more costly, but they provide a better spark and last longer, giving you value. If you don't know where the plugs are located, you can always check the manual.


Experts usually recommend that you check the car tyres every morning before you drive off. All of them need to be inflated correctly, as indicated in the manual, so if one lacks enough pressure, be sure to inflate them to avoid issues while driving. You also need to check if the threads are getting worn out to plan for new tyres. Of course, you can use the spare tyre you have in your car's trunk whenever an emergency arises before you purchase a new set of tyres,


Your car relies on oil the same way your body needs blood to function. Therefore, you'll definitely need to check the engine oil regularly. Most manufacturers usually indicate when to replace the oil, so read the manual to confirm. You may also ask your mechanic to share tips on checking the oil to ensure your engine operates efficiently. A good rule of thumb is to change the engine oil before it gets black and gritty. Other fluids such as the brake fluid, coolant and transmission fluid also need to be checked and refilled to have a fully operational car. Your mechanic can also show you how to check these fluids upon request.

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