Three Warning Signs Your Car Alternator Could Be Bad

A significant amount of electricity is required to start your car and power various electrical components, such as the headlights, stereo, air conditioning system and more. While your car battery stores the energy to power the various electrical components, the alternator works to recharge it. This ensures there is sufficient power to enable consistent electric functions.

Over time, however, your alternator is likely to act up as a result of normal wear and age-related issues. When this happens, you're likely to start experiencing issues with various electrical components of your car. 

Be sure to look out for these tell-tale signs to tell if your car alternator is failing.

1. Dimming, Flickering or Pulsating Lights

One clear-cut sign of a failing alternator is dimming, flickering or pulsating lights. When the alternator begins to act up, it will not provide sufficient power to normalise the various electrical functions of your car, lights included. 

When your car headlights brighten and become dim with an increase and decrease in speed, it's likely that your alternator is failing. Usually, the lights' brightness should be at a constant regardless of your car's speed.

2. Drained Battery

An alternator at its best will work to recharge your car battery whenever your car is in operation. However, if you have to jump-start your car too often, it's time to question the efficiency of your car alternator. It's likely that your car alternator does not recharge the battery once it gets drained.

Most drivers are usually too preoccupied with finding issues with their car battery while turning a blind eye to the alternator. It's vital to have your alternator and battery checked to reveal to the exact cause of the problem.

3. Difficulty Starting Your Car

Stalling or difficulty in starting your car may be as a result of a bad alternator. Usually, an alternator will power the spark plugs to produce sparks that will ignite the fuel in the engine to enable the ignition process. 

A bad alternator will struggle to produce adequate power to ignite your car. This will consequently lead to problems when you're starting your car.

Unfortunately, the signs of car alternator issues are not always obvious. Your car battery and the other electrical components of your vehicle are also potential sources of electrical problems with your vehicle. For accurate diagnosis and repair of any car electrical problem, take your car to a qualified and experienced auto mechanic.

To learn more, contact a car repair shop.