5 Land Rover Handling Tips for Snowy or Icy Conditions

Land Rovers are designed to tackle tough conditions, but you still need to handle them with care to prevent accidents on icy or snowy roads. Here are several tips that can help you to drive safely this winter.

1. Use Differential Lock

Land Rovers have a useful feature called differential lock or diff lock. When activated, diff lock forces the front and rear wheels to turn at the same speed, which means that either set of wheels can drive the vehicle forward. Diff locks can prevent you from losing control of the vehicle if either the front or back wheels hit a patch of ice.

To activate diff locks, push the diff lock lever to the left. It is best to do this while the vehicle is stationary. Check the dashboard for an indicator light that shows the diff lock is engaged.

2. Use a Low Ratio Gear

Land Rovers have a low ratio set of gears, as well as a high ratio set and a neutral gear. You can move between these sets by pushing the diff lock lever forward and back, according to the H, N, L markings on the top of the lever.

In snowy and icy conditions, move the diff lock lever to position L to engage the low ratio set of gears. These gears provide you with more control over the vehicle when there is little traction.

3. Use Engine Braking

Engine braking is a driving technique that involves leaving the engine in a low gear to force the vehicle to slow down when travelling downhill. In snowy conditions, this technique is preferable to using the brake pedal because it is less likely to cause the wheels to slip. Put your Land Rover in first gear to descend icy hills safely.

4. Use Cadence Braking

If you do need to use the brakes, then short, shallow presses are much safer and more effective than slamming your foot onto the brake pedal. This technique is known as cadence braking, and it can help to reduce the risk of skidding on ice and snow.

5. Service Your Land Rover

Before winter sets in, it is a good idea to have a Land Rover mechanic check the brakes, gearbox, and diff lock system to ensure they are all working properly. Taking the time to service your vehicle at the start of winter means that you are less likely to suffer an accident during the snowy season.

To find more information about a Land Rover mechanic in your area, contact a local resource.