Having a Better Understanding of Logbook Servicing

To understand logbook servicing, you need to know how it differs from regular auto servicing.

In the case of logbook servicing, vehicle manufacturers usually set certain specifications for how your car should be serviced. These can be found in your vehicle logbook and should be followed as they are highlighted. They may include inspection and replacement of various fluids and components, usually done after driving for particular kilometres or after a certain number of days.

After logbook servicing is done, your logbook is stamped as a sign of adhering to the car manufacturer's instructions. This will help you maintain your car manufacturer's warranty. If you fail to go for logbook servicing, you might void your warranty. How? If you happen to claim your warranty, your logbook is inspected to check for stamps. They indicate that logbook servicing has been done.

Regular auto service is when you visit a car service station for oil and filter changes. This is necessary to help keep your engine lubricated and ensure you breathe in clean air.

Why Is It Important to Have Logbook Servicing Done?

First, you guarantee that your vehicle will run smoothly, minimising damage and repairs. This gives you peace of mind and ensures you save money since you don't have to pay for repairs.

Secondly, a well-maintained vehicle has a high resale value. You will also get a buyer fast if you want to sell your vehicle.

Don't Be Worried About Losing Your Car Manufacturer's Warranty

Most people think that they need to get logbook servicing done in their vehicle manufacturer's service centre to avoid voiding their car manufacturer's warranty. This is not true. You can get logbook servicing performed at a qualified service centre without voiding your warranty.

Choosing A Service Centre for Logbook Servicing

Of course, you want a centre with a good reputation and that has a strong brand name. Ask where your friends and relatives usually get their vehicles serviced and why. Visit the recommended centres and find out how they carry out their work and how the staff treats you and other customers. Also, check whether employees hold the necessary qualification documents to handle car servicing effectively.

Ask whether you receive free additional services after getting logbook servicing. These can be car washing or vacuuming services. Some logbook servicing centres offer these services to attract clients as a bonus. You end up saving on vacuuming and car wash costs.