Check Out These Top Signs of a Failing Truck Engine

Truck repair costs can run into several thousands of dollars if early signs of trouble are ignored. Truck owners and operators alike can reduce the need for costly repairs by taking corrective action immediately they notice these signs. 

Engine repair is one of the most common types of truck repairs. If your truck's engine breaks down, your vehicle will need to be towed to a mechanic shop for repair service. This can considerably add to the cost of getting the vehicle back to good working shape. 

Read on below to get acquainted with some of the top signs of a malfunctioning truck engine.

Difficulty Starting the Vehicle

One of the first and obvious signs of a faulty engine is when you encounter difficulty starting your truck. 

There are several possible causes of this problem, but the common culprits include a dead battery and a failing ignition system. If your battery is relatively new and is properly connected to the battery terminals, chances are high that your ignition system is bad. 

You'll need to let an experienced mechanic inspect your engine and identify the root cause of the problem.

Bad Mileage

Excessive fuel consumption is never a good thing. First off, it means you'll have to pay more at the fuel station. Second, it is a sign of engine trouble.

Bad mileage is usually a sign that your engine is being overworked and thus needs to guzzle more fuel to offset the extra strain. 

If you notice that your truck is using more fuel than before to travel the same distance, you should ask a competent mechanic to check its engine.

Engine Misfires

A normally functioning engine should run smoothly for a comfortable ride. If you hear sporadic sputtering noises and experience jerking when you're accelerating, these are signs that your engine is misfiring. 

Even a single glow plug can cause the problem. Seek out a mechanic for immediate repair service because engine misfiring is a major safety risk.

Loss of Vehicle Power

Your engine is what provides the power need to keep your truck on the road. If you feel like your truck is losing its power when you're on the road, it is likely that the engine is giving out.

Truck engines are made up of several components that work in tandem to ensure the entire system runs efficiently. If you notice the above signs when operating a truck, one or more of these components may be to blame. The best way to know for sure what needs fixing is to let a qualified truck repair mechanic work on your truck.