Why It's Important to Spring Clean Your Car's A/C

In the very old days, before the advent of efficient systems and equipment, the average family may have planned a major "spring clean" in order to kick off the year ahead. Nobody seems to do that anymore, of course, but you can use that analogy to help you refresh your car's air conditioning system just prior to the start of the hot Australian summer. Why do you need to do this, however, and what should you do?

Warmer and Warmer

You may have become quite used to automotive air conditioning as it is a necessity in this part of the world. If you do take it for granted, however, you may not notice that it will become increasingly less efficient the more that you use it. This is because it will need regular maintenance, and you should get the air conditioning system refreshed at least once in every 12-month period.

Changing the Gas

To do this properly, the old refrigerant gas needs to be extracted from the system and replaced with a more efficient solution. It's not a very long-winded process but it may require certain tools or kits, and this will rule it out as a DIY exercise for the majority of casual motorists.

Must Be Done

In the industry, this is known as an " AC regas," and if you simply forget to do this or let it slide, you will become increasingly more uncomfortable as the summer heat takes hold. Not only that, but you may also cause some damage to the system in the long run, as some of the internal pipes could crack or other components may seize up.

Not Automatic

Don't automatically assume that your car will be re-gassed when you take it in for a scheduled service, as it is not always included. You can nevertheless ask the technician to check the efficiency of the system while the vehicle is there, and they will then be able to do the appropriate work in any case.

Looking for Issues

During an inspection of this kind the technician will also perform a vacuum test, and this will highlight any system irregularities that may not be immediately apparent. For example, some of the pipes could be cracked and this could lead to a leakage which, if not caught in time, could cause damage to the compressor or another crucial component.

Date for Your Diary

Otherwise, make a note on your calendar to "spring clean" your air-conditioning system each year, so you never run into problems when the mercury spikes.