Campervan Maintenance Tips That Allow You to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Your campervan is a useful vehicle that allows you to travel far distances comfortably, but it is important that you keep it maintained year round. If you do not make the maintenance of your campervan a priority, you will most likely have to spend money on costly repairs. This means that it is essential you learn about the most helpful campervan maintenance tips that will help you hold off repairs as long as possible.


The one component of your campervan that takes the biggest beating is your roof. Wear and tear occurring to your vehicle's roof is unavoidable, but you do have the ability to minimise it. Not only can your roof become damaged by wind and rain, but typical sun exposure can also be damaging over time. Having a cover placed over you roof will help to offer more longevity. It will be able to shield your campervan roof and make sure that it lasts well past its warranty. You can use a typical campervan roof cover that you position over the roof or you can choose to park it under a high car port suitable for a campervan.


It is also important that you maintain your campervan by making sure that your generator never sits long periods of time without running. Even if your campervan is not being used for a season, you need to be sure that your generator runs regularly. It is important to note that gas begins to breakdown in about a month, which means that if unused, the internal components of the generator can become damaged by the bad gas. Making sure that the gas flows regularly is the best way to make sure that the generator is not damaged in any way. Powering on your generator for at least a few hours each month is the best way to avoid this problem.


The seals on the doors and windows of your campervan will naturally degrade over time. This means that you need to make sure that you replace the seals regularly.  If you make sure that you have new seals on your doors and windows, you have the ability to avoid major leaks that require expensive repairs. You can check the seals around the doors and windows every few months to ensure if they are snug. If you notice that there is visible play in the seals, they should be replaced right away.