Signs of Needed Transmission Repair You Don't Want to Ignore

When you put your car in gear and it doesn't move forward or backward, then chances are it needs to have its transmission looked at. However, this is not the only sign that your car's transmission is in need of repair or some type of maintenance. Getting this work done as quickly as possible can often mean avoiding future repair bills and even more damage done to your car. Note a few signs of needed transmission repair that you don't want to ignore.

1. Problems with the gears

If you put your car into gear and takes a few seconds to "catch" and move forward or backwards, or it suddenly jerks in either direction, this is often a sign of your transmission failing. The gears underneath your shifter box may be wearing down or a chain in your transmission may be coming loose. You may also simply be low on transmission fluid, which allows those parts to move freely. Note this problem to your mechanic when he or she checks out your car so they know where to start looking for transmission problems.

2. Shaking or grinding when changing gears

When you change gears, these should move smoothly and easily. If you notice any grinding or if your car shakes when you change gears, this is often a sign of a worn clutch. If you ignore this problem, the clutch can give out completely and your car may not hold any gears and will just stay in neutral. This can happen even when you're driving, so have your clutch checked out quickly for your own safety.

3. Clunking or whining sounds, especially when in neutral

When major components of your car's transmission begin to give out, this often produces a whining sound as the gears don't move as they should. A clunking sound can also mean that the car is falling between gears when it shouldn't. If you notice these sounds, and especially if you're in neutral, they should be check out as quickly as possible.

4. Burning smells

When your car is low on certain fluids, the parts can emit a burning odor as they create more friction. If you notice a burning smell especially in the area of the transmission, this should be checked out immediately. You may have a leak in the transmission lines that is causing you to lose fluid, and if it leaks out completely, you can ruin many of the parts of your system.

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