The Different Types Of Brakes That Are Found On A Car

Are you trying to select a car brake for your car, but know little about them? Before selecting a car brake it would be best to familiarise yourself with the different types of car brakes out there. By finding out how they work you can make an informed decision during your next car brake purchase. Here are the common types of car brakes that you should know about:

Drum Brakes

This is a primary brake type and it is made up of a brake drum that is connected to the wheel, brake return springs, brake shoes and a wheel cylinder. The master cylinder will exert hydraulic pressure onto the wheel cylinder. And that in turn will result in the brake shoe making contact with the brake drum. The resulting friction will allow your car to reduce speed and eventually come to a stop.

Disc Brakes

An alternative to drum brakes, and the most commonly used type of primary brake is the disc brake. Here there is a disc that's attached to the wheel. There's also a caliper which is responsible for holding the disc brake pads. Similar to that of the drum brakes there is a master cylinder that causes the caliper to clamp the disc when enough pressure is exerted. The friction that occurs as a result will reduce the speed of the car, and eventually cause it to stop. 

ABS Brakes

One of the more important safety features of newer cars is ABS, or anti-lock braking systems. In the event that the brakes were to be applied very quickly the ABS will prevent your vehicle from skidding because your brakes will not lock up.  This is great when you are driving on roads that are slippery or wet because it will greatly reduce the chances of you losing control of your vehicle. ABS can also help a car to reduce the braking distance when applying your primary brakes.

Emergency Brakes

Most cars nowadays will have an emergency brake, or otherwise known as parking brakes. They work separate from the primary brakes, and don't use a hydraulic system – but instead a mechanical one. They can be applied when your primary brakes don't work. Furthermore, they are also used to keep your vehicle stationary while it is parked. The different types of emergency brake types include: an extra pedal to the left, a stick lever located between the driver and front passenger, or simply a push button. 

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