The Advantages Of Diesel Pumps Over Standard Petroleum

Whether you're looking for a fuel pump or a water pump, you may need to choose between diesel and standard petroleum for the power of the pump itself. While both types of pumps may have their advantages, there is a reason why diesel is often the preferred choice, especially for industrial settings where the pump will be used often. Note a few of the advantages of diesel so you can better understand if it's the right choice for you.

1. Diesel runs more efficiently

Diesel fuel converts more heat to energy so that it runs more efficiently. To put it simply, you'll get more gas mileage from a diesel engine or motor than you will one that runs on standard petroleum. This is especially important to consider for industrial settings or anywhere that a pump is running regularly, as this cost savings can add up over time.

This fuel efficiency also means fewer emissions from a diesel-powered pump than a petroleum-powered model. Many people have the mistaken notion that diesel engines emit more emissions or that they are dirtier, but in truth they actually are better for the environment than petroleum engines. If you're concerned about making an eco-friendly choice, diesel is the better option.

2. Diesel lubricates better

Diesel fuel lubricates an engine better than petroleum engines, so in turn they may actually last longer. Lubrication reduces friction, and friction causes the early breakdown of parts in an engine or motor. This, too, is a consideration for any pump that will be used continuously, as this added lubrication will keep it cooler and may extend its overall life.

3. Diesel motors and engines have no spark plugs or distributors

An engine needs a tune-up when the spark plugs get dirty or worn and a distributor cap needs replacing. However, a diesel motor or engine does not have spark plugs or distributors, so they never need tune-ups. There is always a spark when you choose a diesel motor so it's more reliable and you avoid the cost of having to replace these parts regularly.

4. Diesel is safer

Diesel fuel itself is harder to burn than petroleum-based gasoline, which makes it a safer option. It is less likely to explode or catch fire when exposed to heat or other ignitions. This is an important consideration in an industrial setting, where a production facility may get very warm or where sparks may be produced from welding or other equipment.

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